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Car won’t turn over

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I have a 06 base Rsx and I’ve replaced my intake manifold, valve cover, injectors, fuel rail, fuel line, battery, alternator and spark plugs but my car still won’t turn over even with a jump. I’m honestly confused at this point. The car ran and drove nicely before my alternator went out so I did all those upgrades when it did. Do I need a tune or something what I’m I not thinking of here.
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check your camshaft and crankshaft sensors same thing happend to me changed those car started right up no problem
There's a sensor somewhere that's not functioning. Look around and make sure you didn't leave anything unplugged. and stop wasting your money on parts without knowing what the problem is.
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second that especially fuel rail, fuel line, and injectors unless there's a problem i.e. leaking or damaged injectors leave it alone =) Not bashing, but these items just don't go out of no where. Maybe the injector seals. Also you can use good injector cleaner if you want to be proactive about it. Intake manifolds generally good as well unless it cracked by itself.
When replacing parts, did you replace with same brand/spec? Everything the same, just new?

Make sure your map sensor and tps sensor are plugged to the right plug.
Check the connection to your starter
Make sure the starting signal connector is connected “it’s a slip on connector”
Make sure the starting signal connector is connected “it’s a slip on connector”
Thanks everyone in here for the suggestions and recommendations but I got a new motor and I’m just gonna put that one in so I can build the other block in the mean time. The first motor had a bad crankshaft
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