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cauQazn's DSM RSX & AW E92 M3 / IG: @visionautoworks / New front bumper in progress

Page 66 -- Import Alliance Spring Meet (Atlanta)
Page 65 -- HDAY @ ZMAX (Charlotte)
Page 60-62 -- Jewel Eye Retrofit (RLX), new Titanium wingstands, J's Racing sides, Import Alliance ATL
Page 58 -- HIN Houston, Awarded Best Acura, some pics with Meagan Lee! :love:
Page 56 -- New VC setup, Skunk2 hardware, battery terminal cleanup, AMR engineering coilovers
Page 55 -- DC5R sway, control arms, PCI spherical bushings installed
Page 53 -- Bumpers repainted, Js 60RS installed
Page 52 -- Mercracing parts powdercoated, F7 spherical LCAs, Js 60RS
Page 48 -- JR manifold repair, Radium CC, Invidia Q300, other misc things
Page 47 -- Honda Day ZMAX (NC)
Page 45 -- Hot Import Nights Dallas
Page 44 -- DFW Alliance 6 meet
Page 42 -- CRSX ATL BBQ Meet, moved to DFW
Page 39 -- Blown and aftercooled!
Page 33 -- Facelifted J's bumper, some pics from IA
Page 32 -- K24 in, fitted APR CF mirrors
Page 31 -- Installed BBK, CV axles, Tranny cooler, etc.
Page 30 -- Pulling out K20A3
Page 29 -- All dents removed and car re-sprayed DSM
Page 28 -- Car Fixed, K24 swap pending!
Page 25 -- Import Alliance Spring Meet in ATL
Page 23 -- Mini Photoshoot props YTT photo!
Page 21 -- Seibon CF Hatch & Blk Interior
Page 16 -- New wheels
Page 14 -- Local Meet + New Status Seats + Dyno Video!
Page 12 -- Local meet / dyno day pics
Page 10 -- J's bumper & Mugen Wing on
Page 8 -- Quad Retrofitted
Page 7 -- Import Alliance weekend photos
Page 5 -- Damage repaired (kinda), J's rep diffuser
Page 4 -- Took a few pics with a fellow RSX
Page 3 -- Murano/Porsche bixenon, retrofitted again :coffee:
Page 3 -- RX350 bixenon retrofits

Welcome to my showoff, this is my Desert Silver Metallic Base Auto K24 Supercharged RSX

Older Photos:

J's Racing Front 05-06 bumper w/ CF underpanel + CF canards
J's Racing Rear bumper
J's Racing Wide front fenders
J's Racing Sideskirts w/ CF underpanel
J's Racing GT Wing w/ VisionAutoworks Titanium 270mm risers
OEM 05-06 front bumper w/ OEM A-Spec lip
OEM-style CF Hood
OEM A-Spec rear lip
OEM A-Spec sideskirtss
DC5R Sidemarkers
DC5R Window Visors
DC5R Honda Emblems
DC5R Tail lights
APR CF Mirrors
NRG Ti Washer Dress-up kit
VisionAutoworks RLX Jewel Eye retrofit LED projector headlights -- first ;)

UnitF14 powdercoated coated Valvecover, S/C inlet, aftercooler reservoir, valve cover hardware

2008 K24A2 engine swap
40* VTC
JRSC Stiegemeier Ported, Comptech Autotensioner
HybridRacing 74mm throttle body
HybridRacing 3" CAI
MercRacing 2.8" Pulley
MercRacing Aftercooler
MercRacing Inlet
AIS Methanol Injection
SSR K24 Header with DMH e-cutout
Invidia Q300
J's Racing 60RS axle back
K-tuned dipstick

K20A2 oil pump, oil cooler, water pump
Circuit Hero lower timing chain guide
TracTuff Timing Chain baffle
TracTuff Oil pan baffle
Hondata KPro V3 + Joel's Dual ECU harness

Tru-Cool LPD Transmission cooler
IPT High Stall Torque converter

Suspension & Brakes
EP3 Electric Power Steering
Acura TL-S brakes
AMR-Engineering Coilovers
Opak/Spoon Front Strut bar
J's Racing C-pillar bar
J's Racing Roll center adjusters
JIC Magic rear strut tower bar
F7 Spherical LCAs
Progress 24mm Adj. Rear Sway
DC5R front sway
DC5R aluminum control arms w/ PCI spherical bushings
Blox rigid collar

Wheels and Tires
Gram Lights 57DR 17x9 +22 on BFG G-force Sport Comp2 245/40/17

Black Interior swap
Status Racing Ring GT seats (x2)
Planted seat brackets
Momo wheel + NRG slim QR
ASR hub + spacer
S2000 Push Start button
IVE-W535HD DVD receiver
Type-R Fronts and Rear Speakers
Type-R 12" Subwoofer
MRP-M850 Amplifier
MRP-F450 Amplifier

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Older Photos:

My Car's History

Bought brand new in 2004:

Did DIY Blackouts, Redouts, HIDs, Whale Penis Intake :rotfl:
Spring 2008: cheap mods here, replaced my Fujita SRI with the PWJDM intake

CF Replica Wing, Blackout Tails
Feb 2009: got a cf wing and blacked out my tails. Got too much heat from Georgia cops so removed the blackouts shortly after (ricer anyway).

Two months later this happens... CF spoiler is destroyed and about $5,000 damages...

JDM Sidemarkers, Eibach Pro-kits, Espelir JGT500 exhaust, Yellow Fogs, DSM A-Spec rep wing
Summer 2009: Car gets fixed. Decided I wanted to go lower, went with good ol' Eibachs and also found me a great deal on an JDM Espelir exhaust.
Replaced the destroyed CF wing with much cleaner A-Spec rep painted to match. Installed amber JDM sidemarkers.

Accident #2: A-Spec Rear Lip
Mar 2010: Girl hits my car and tries to hide, I find her and get it all repaired after a while. Still sucked though... :(

Played with some of the extra insurance money and bought me a set of 05 Type-S wheels and OEM A-spec rear :giggity:

Decklid Spoiler, Rota G-Force wheels
Aug 2010: ditched the A-spec wing and bought a decklid spoiler, ordered a set of gunmetal Rota G-Force wheels in 17x8


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Nice progress I remeber this car at one if the atl Rsx meets.

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nice clean

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diamond star motor's SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :p lol i own a 02 dsm rsx-s FTW bro FTW ! lookin guuud

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Looks good man.

Seems like you have the worst of luck with getting your car damaged.

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Nice progress I remeber this car at one if the atl Rsx meets.
nice :thumbsup:
Very nice.
nice clean
thanks guys :thumbsup:

nice shirtless dudes. lawlzz.
lol my friends were working on a car it was literally 100 degrees in georgia the other day, everyone was shirtless. no homo :rotfl:

diamond star motor's SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :p lol i own a 02 dsm rsx-s FTW bro FTW ! lookin guuud
clean base!

base crew !
cleans only way to do it ^.^

Looks good man.

Seems like you have the worst of luck with getting your car damaged.
ran into a bit of bad luck in the past, but have been clean since. thanks :)

maybe next will be a TSX retrofit :love:

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How's that pwjdm intake on a base??
get a CAI. it just looks cool when you pop the hood, i was young and got it for bling...
i ghetto-fabbed the intake setup, i didn't even have the new battery or relocation kit, to install correctly you need to drop another $200 or so on battery and relocation kit.
yet its still a SRI and heatsoaks just like any other one... you may as well just buy a Mugen/ARC for that price or just get CAI like I said lol.

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