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CC up in this jizzoint *chat* because CC is dumb

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In on 1 bitches
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ibtl :shady:
can my gf be part of the ccrew even though she doesn't post?
yes, but there is an initiation :shady:
I already initiated her :shady:
she smokes and u don't? yeah sign her up :thumbsup:
Yup she does, and no I don't.
ur gf rocks

is there a particular reason u dont burn down? IE drug test at work or sumthen
It just never appealed to me. My parents smoked a LOT when I was growing up. My dad still does actually, but my mom quit like 10 years ago or so.

It was just never my thing :dontknow:
I feel ya, i luv burning down i aint gunna lie and i never drink so I dunno
I had a tad bit of a drinking problem when i did drink so im gald i just blaze tuff now
I'm turning into an old man already i don't drink like i used to either :lawl:
vodka tonics ftw. old man drink fo sho!
I call mod of the island.

and lol @ this thread. thought i would share
thats cause you are currently paying a car.

Once that thing is paid off, & you have ZERO payments on it, it's hard to go back to paying $300+/month for a car
fuck yeah. I have been payment free for 3 months.

But I bought a house so I didn't save any money. :eek:
zona, I also bought a mountain bike recently. Diamondback.
werd, both of our cars are paid off. so are our credit cards. Omly thing we owe is the house & her loan for her Masters, which we have begun to pay off early.

She's due for a new car, though. Can't have a Director of HR Driving around in an '02 Civic LX :laughing:
i still have CC bills.

and my girlfriend is one big fucking bill.

i hope she gets a damn job soon.
so apparently there is no schwag to be found in my city.

whoever gets some first will make $$$ from the 400,000 cheapasses we have here.

Jenkems... you listenin?
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hahaha.. why not buy some good shit :thumbsup: get some chronic!
They are cheap fucks. A lot of them are hippies so they don't care what they smoke.
schwag is just bad for u too....hers reasons
taste like shit
false high just like the eyes and forhead high
Munchies allmost allways from pot that sucks ass.

Good nugget
no headaches
no munchiess
and taste like the bomb diggity
and a full on high pending on the type of strain
I know all this. But they're old school and/or broke as fuck so they want cheap stuff. Actually my friend's husband got some sticky icky and we warned him not to smoke as much as he did with the schwag... he did anyway and was basically in a coma :lawl:
wtf rest you burn??????

fuck schwag
no sir.. my gf does and i have a lot of friends that do.
pics of hot gf.
LOL @ lightweight frand who can't handle his chronic. Shit i smoke 8 bones at problem. Smokin since i was 2
No pics :shady:
did you work out too hard?
yesterday i worked out hard, i woke up this morning with the puke feeling and it hasnt left all day. I burp like acids and almost puke but no dice. Hot flashes FTMFL now i know what my mom went threw with her cancer totally sucks
Strange. It might be a symptom of working out too hard... maybe not. I have had similar a experience when i pushed myself too hard and felt sick all day the next day... but no acid burps :nervous:
general, check pics.
i always wanted to take x.... never got around to it.
took that shit twice...first time I took one and it didn't do shit for me so next time I took two...after that we went to the strip club...I spent like 1k, hooked up with some stripper and almost broke her pelvis on the bathroom floor at her apt...I was fucking her 3 hrs straight and couldn't cum :rotfl::rotfl: fuck x
sounds like a typical saturday night for me

when did travis become soulja boy?
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