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CC up in this jizzoint *chat* because CC is dumb

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In on 1 bitches
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not you. the guy that stuck his ass through a plate glass window.

and :hi:
but then all the other douchebags will come here.

just send the link to anyone you think deserves it
i dont read my rep all that

alright ccrew.

If you could smoke it up with any living person who would it be?

my choice
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god dammit i love modded ep3's for some reason.
suhailtheboss: ayo wtf happened to ccrew
suhailtheboss signed off at 3:47:46 PM.
suhailtheboss is offline and will receive your IMs when signing back in.

seriously though. while this is awesome cause nobody will come here...ever.

it's too bad i cant tie this thread in with my user CP on regular clubrsx
it's like we went away to summer camp.

camp ccrew mountain retreat daily schedule.

10am-12noon - joint rolling
12-1pm - lunch
1pm - 3pm - glass shop (the end of the summer project will be for campers will be to make your own bong!)
3pm - 5pm - baking and a trip to the greenhouse (campers will be growing a plant from day 1 til the end of the summer, at the end of the summer the counselors judge the best looking plant)
5pm-7pm - dinner
7pm - ??? - campers have full access to a recording studio full of musical instruments and production materials.

there are also encouraged to bring laptops as there is wifi internet all over the camp...there are also PS3's and 360's with lcd tv's in all the dorms and lodgings.
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seriously, you ******* crying about ternaders.

tornado siren means smoke moar ******
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Today I woke up at the exact time which I have to be leaving my house in order to get to work on time & I knew the president of the company was comming in the morning.

So I jump outta bed, slap some clothes on, put coffee in my travel mug & run out the door. Got here just in time though, but had no breakfast so a massive headach appeared.

just went to lunch & had a big ass burger & fries. Now I am having chest pains, should I be concerned ?
have you had your cholesterol checked lately?

did you exert yourself alot today?

if you're having chest pains. you might have just tried to eat too much or pulled a muscle in your chest.

i wouldnt worry bout it unless your arm goes numb or you feel lightheaded and dizzy
not only am i general.

but i'm a doctor as well
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