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CC up in this jizzoint *chat* because CC is dumb

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In on 1 bitches
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where ya been, brotha ?

I was begining to think you left to meet up w/ Bags
yeah i went to go look for the brutha. i caught up with him in africa but he was doing thing with a banana i didnt even know you could do.
so why cant we post this thread on crsx? i always forget to visit clubep3
oh lol, mods over there got pissed off by our ***** calling and whatnot
im so mad im smoking opium

amazing and in a better mood
:rotfl: some dude in the bar is talking about vidas ass

"her ass is so nice, i would suck a fart out of it"

wtf :rotfl:
poor bags :(:(:( i left my keys in his backrolls
wait til tuesday and i can! we'll watch how high and giggle
1 - 20 of 1834 Posts
Not open for further replies.