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CC up in this jizzoint *chat* because CC is dumb

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In on 1 bitches
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wtf thought this was a different site so i tried signing up again
what is this place, smells of slowness
cobra and suhail......... 2smoove lol
wazzzzzuppp peeps.. weird being here.
what is the deal with the thread title?
hes the Main Admin besides Chris dye lol fade2black is his name hes cool was probably just being funny
nah dude, i am loading modmenu now...
about to hit up the gym i hope... waiting for my buddy to get here, what yall up to?
^^^lmao, please tell me thats hawaii you're bombing
back from working out. almost blew chunks at the gym, dunno why. maybe cause i ate and didn't wait much before working out.
finally took a pic of my install. i still have t tuck the wires in better. built from scratch, since there was no sturdy mounting plate for the amps:

it was such a bitch to hold the amps/rack up and bolt it down
nice setup fo sho. i miss my old sony xplodes, lol. gotta love that bass.

what kind of music you listen to hueman?
everything... hip hop, jazz, trance, binnammee, 80s, freestyle, etc

got me some new gear for vegas. gonna be AWESOME!!
damn dude.. you go there every weekend now?
so my ep3 broke down today and i sold it on the spot for a pack of smokes
1 - 20 of 1834 Posts
Not open for further replies.