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CC up in this jizzoint *chat* because CC is dumb

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In on 1 bitches
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finally found you guys lol

:hi: as fuck of course.. thanks sztum for the link
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god damn I am blazed
none of ya'll were gonna send me the link:eek::lostswimmer::hi:
i dont read my rep all that

alright ccrew.

If you could smoke it up with any living person who would it be?

my choice
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and putting some herbs in that same air
man i'm already on campus in the library but i'm so high I don't wanna go to class. I think i'll just stay in here and finish up this paper that's due tomorrow
damn that sucks.. One time back in hs my PC froze while I was about 7 hours into a research paper that I hadn't saved any of yet. Thank god Word now automatically saves shit for you (at least on my current computer)
i feel like flying
soo fuckin blazed
damn i haven't been over here (or on CRSX) in almost a week. Fuckin stayed up all night in the library writing a paper thanks to adderall but I got it done. Pretty much done with summer school already except for a test next thursday:hi:
this forum is Ftl. Let's make the next one somewhere back on CRSX and just hide it really well
just packed the first keef bowl since i've had my new grinder. oh my god damn:hi:
i was too til I just smoked that bowl. Always a perfect hangover remedy for me. I slept til 3:30
fuckin stoned to all hell still.
catchy. heard it on an episode of entourage
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I've gotta make some life changes. Been going out and getting stupid drunk 4 or 5 nights a week, and completely stopped working out or running. My summer classes end Thursday and i'm moving back to the beach for the remainder of summer, time to get back in shape
dude swear to god I tripped on shrooms last night for the first time too.. My buddy got us 4 chocolate bars that were melted in with the shroom shit (somehow.. no idea of the process but it was a mushroom chocolate bar).. funnest 6 hours i've ever had i'm pretty sure. Will do again
btw i'm fuckin BLAAAAZED right now.:hi:
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1 - 20 of 1834 Posts
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