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CC up in this jizzoint *chat* because CC is dumb

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In on 1 bitches
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uh oh CC invasion?

:hi: as fuk 27/7

I like it here

my next ride = civic
what is this place, smells of slowness
that's cool...better than hawaii smelling like bunch of crying ******* lol
nah we've been there for month's then they decided to kick us out, lulz

Turnin there islands green like we did australia
their vaginas are allergic to weed
that ****** deleted my thank you thread lolol
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so now what? we won't have ccrew thread on crsx?

viva la weedz lol

I love that visualizer

ayo suhail if elected sell hawaii to russia for oil or something...bomb them first then sell'em
I wish I knew man

perfect ass
1 - 20 of 1834 Posts
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