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CC up in this jizzoint *chat* because CC is dumb

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In on 1 bitches
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Juaaaaaan !!!!!!
only thing I don't like about this one is that it's not in my CP, so I have to have another tab open just for cep3
thats it, I'm boycotting hawaii.

no vacation there, fat ass samoans
you started a thread in hawaii?
we had our thread there for a few months already. Then all of a sudden BAM! we get moved to general population in the lounge. Now we have to fend off all the holier-than-thou-drug-free-weed-is-the-devils-lettuce ****.
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I proposed a move to Canada, but I guess no one liked that idea :dontknow:
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oh we will.....................

we will :shady:
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lets see..........

Project R
Gen Tso ( or as we lovingly call him: Husband Man :rotfl: )
The S
Dr. Piiimp
One bad
Leroy Jenkens
Bags (He'll be back

Am I missing anyone ???
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osama bin laden style
except with out the crazy religous bombing

and bathing also.
Cc In Exile!!!!!
where Qboi been ??

I haven't seen his Jenkins ass in a while, hope he didn't OD on Jenken :noes:
fuck my lower back hurtttttttttttttttttts

put some icy hot on it but fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk im way too young for pains like this

welcome to the club :(
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damn, hungry.................

thinking bout lunch
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yes, but as we use to say in the print shop: better you than me :D
willie nelson
Man, I have some Nasty foremen :ugh:

I drive around my site & I got Big John (who smells horrible @ 7:00 am) with his boots off, picking at his toes for some reason. Guarantee you he don't wash his hands.

Then I come into the trailer & I got Jose making some foul ass noises in the bathroom :ugh:
One minority, but the stinky foot picker is a ******
enjoying the clean fresh mountain air
the stink of fat Samoans farting poi was geting to me.
man i'm already on campus in the library but i'm so high I don't wanna go to class. I think i'll just stay in here and finish up this paper that's due tomorrow
my poor wife has been busting her ass for that class she's taking.

she worked all day yesterday at work, then when she got home untill about midnight, doing a project she has due.

and now she can't find the file, she took her laptop to the IT guy at her job & he tells her that according to Windows Vista she hasn't logged into her computer since the 1st.

POS Vista glitches
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