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Ccrew - smoke moar *CHAT*

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shot 6 over

fucking greens were just airrated
they still had hole punctures in them :firemad:
um pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!
:rotfl: not right

wheres my knuttz sztum
need my daily knuttz damnit!!!!!!!!!!!
clay aiken admitted he was gay

american idol winner from 2nd season

dude just had a cerrugate kid, all over the news instead of talking about real issues like murder and poverty
he might be, his wife had to know on their honeymoon when he danced around the room to elton john instead of fucking her brains out
eww dude
just eww
fuck no
i see what you did there
im not renewing

theres like 10 rep threads, and no reason to stay
I wouldn't cancel $50/year won't kill me but I'm not going to pay for message board where I can't say nothing negative about them even when they don't do shit as it should be done...few words would be nice "we have a problem with the update, sorry, we are doing our best to fix the problems" but why do that? fuck the people just take their $$$, who gives a shit if they are happy with the board or not they should be happy we let them post here...:thumbsdow:thumbsdow
thats why started

ClA, hyetothesky, and others are still on there, open racism anything goes cept nudity, but they have a premie section there too, 30 bucks a year

site was started by KSmatic
new forum fucker!!!!!!!!!
we already did zona posted a link up higher on the page
1 - 15 of 137 Posts
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