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Ccrew - smoke moar *CHAT*

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aaarrrggggghhhhh, Yvette just emailed me. She'll be in Miami the end of this week & wants to get together.

now, how can I get my wife to leave town for a week ??????
still not subscribing. yes i will keep posting this until it is fixed. i am annoyed.
yo this site sucks, actually this may be my last post here. i'm surprised i stayed as long with all the fucktard mods.
if you guys move to another forum hollar at me on facebookz
thats why started

ClA, hyetothesky, and others are still on there, open racism anything goes cept nudity, but they have a premie section there too, 30 bucks a year

site was started by KSmatic
signed up.

thanks dude
that site is pretty pimp.. bye bye shittycrsx
1 - 15 of 137 Posts
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