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Ccrew - smoke moar *CHAT*

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FIRST POST !!!! :w00t:
such a vanilla thread title :coffee:
That lady Palin supports everything I stand against
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aaarrrggggghhhhh, Yvette just emailed me. She'll be in Miami the end of this week & wants to get together.

now, how can I get my wife to leave town for a week ??????

damn ocho

y00 = fucked
nah, we'll definately get together. She'll atleast come by the house & hang out for a while. The Mrs. & her are friends also.
sure, blame it on the airy greens :rotfl:
Man, I really dunno.............
mid week...............
In Soviet CRSX.........
I'm pretty sure right now ocho is trying to figure out how to test drive his frand not cars :laughing:
werd :shady:

We're actually thinking about picking up a couple of properties now that the market is all fucked up.
Who the fuck is that ?
and why should we care?
He probably packed a strap on for their honeymoon :ugh:
$1 000 000 question ocho....your frand tells you you can fuck teh shit outta her but...she wants to ride you too...what do you do?
I go first...........................

then :laughat:
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yo this site sucks, actually this may be my last post here. i'm surprised i stayed as long with all the fucktard mods.
you gonna pull a Bags on us :mad:
sup ******
Just won an online tourney, I swear I had to have gotten A-10 atleast 10 time!

Fitting that was the hand I eliminated to last guy with.
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