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Ccrew - smoke moar *CHAT*

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I'm pretty sure right now ocho is trying to figure out how to test drive his frand not cars :laughing:
werd :shady:

We're actually thinking about picking up a couple of properties now that the market is all fucked up.
need my daily knuttz damnit!!!!!!!!!!!

faggitz don't post new pics for some reason...crsx tech team was called to help so shit should be OK ~ december :thumbsup::thumbsup:
new pics were there but under the old pics for some reason...knutz = crsx, both fucked up lololol
clay aiken admitted he was gay

Who the fuck is that ?
and why should we care?
american idol winner from 2nd season

dude just had a cerrugate kid, all over the news instead of talking about real issues like murder and poverty

isn't he married with a kid?
he might be, his wife had to know on their honeymoon when he danced around the room to elton john instead of fucking her brains out
He probably packed a strap on for their honeymoon :ugh:
eww dude
just eww
He probably packed a strap on for their honeymoon :ugh:
$1 000 000 question ocho....your frand tells you you can fuck teh shit outta her but...she wants to ride you too...what do you do?
fuck no
I'd say yes, fuck her then do this :laughat:
i see what you did there
should I stay premie or not? to be honest I'm not sure I want to pay for this shit anymore especially since some e-tough admn tells me to stfu when I dared to complain that avys and subs don't work for days...can't neg non premie anymore, bar sucks, I don't give a shit about rep or sigpic...I guess I answered my own question lolol
im not renewing

theres like 10 rep threads, and no reason to stay
61 - 80 of 137 Posts
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