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Size: 17x9 ( 3 Inch Lip )

Offset: 29

Color: Brush Bright Clear Anodized w/ Engraved CCW Center Caps

Price: 2650 OBO

*Only had the rims for 3 months and use the rims for 2 months. No tires included. I have the invoice of the rims as well. WILL ONLY DO LOCAL PICK UPS IN THE LA AREA. THANKS

Whee 1:

Wheel 2:

Wheel 3:

Wheel 4:


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Thanks man :thumbsup:, BTW you should come down to socal to trade me my seats back for the Recaros before someone gets them :shady:
i would but it's not a good time for me. no job and checking out schools right now so im a broke balla. :(
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