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I searched around the site for some info with this but not quite sure whats wrong at the moment and kind of worried :(
I was just on my way home from work, when right when I hit vtec my CEL came on. I immediatley let off the throttle and slowed down trying to listen and figure out what happened. I took it easy on the throttle for a few and my car felt fine, I knew there was a mobil coming up and remembered hearing about peoples vtec not kicking in from lack of oil pressure, so I tried to hit vtec again and it didnt seem to kick in. I pulled into mobil and checked oil, it was about a quart low so I bought a quart of mobil 1 and threw it in. Made sure everything was alright and left, vtec kicked in after that. Everything seems perfectly fine and tomorrow I will be able to see what codes the ECU gives me but do you guys think it was lack of oil? I've gotten low on oil in this car before and never thrown a CEL. Thanks in advance
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By the way only mods I have are AEM CAI and HKS Hi-Power
did the CEL stay on or go away when you let off the gas?
stayed on whole way home.
Hm...well everything right now would just be speculation, but I imagine it was probably a vtec solenoid error code or something similar to that. Pull the code somewhere if you can still and let us know though, right now we'd just be guessing really.

Hell, I've run my car to the point where there was so little oil in it that I went through a tank of gas in a little over 100 miles (cross country trip, long story) and my CEL never came on. I quickly added oil when I saw there was none on the dipstick (also, this was a long time ago).
Yea I've never had my CEL come on from low oil, Ive got 60k and never really had a problem. Its late at night and I live in apartments so I cant go take apart my car until tomorrow :dontknow:
Good luck man, I'll keep an eye on the thread and if I think of anything, I'll try to help you out. Before taking the car apart, just go to Kragen or autozone or wherever and ask them to OBDII scan the car and pull the code, then report back.
Great thanks for the info, but do our cars not have lights on the ECU to indicate problems? I know my integra did.
Great thanks for the info, but do our cars not have lights on the ECU to indicate problems? I know my integra did.
Unfortunately, no. At least, not to my knowledge (I've never heard anyone mention such a thing). I know on like sentra's and other cars you can do some crazy ass pedal pushing, e-brake pulling, key turning combination that flashes the code to you on your dash board, but I think it'd be easier to just get the OBDII read, takes like 2 minutes or so and there is a list here of practically every code.
Thanks for the help, Im gonna get it scanned tomorrow.
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