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Oh snap, I did not see the flag, my bad!

It's fairly reliable, I'd like to think. I threw on a turbonetics turbo kit on it at 188k. I am now at 197k with no issues to report pushing 12psi the entire time.

I forget everything I've had to buy but I think I spent somewhere around $4500 usd for everything. Turbo kit, kpro, exhaust, intake manifold, fuel pump, injectors and other little odds and ends.

I still have no idea of what it's making. I've only had a thorough street tune done. I would like to dyno but I think I want to rebuild the transmission next and toss in an LSD as well. It's fun for what it is, but I would probably turbo a k20a2 rather than the base because of VTEC only being on the intake side.

I am still getting beat by the majority of v8 cars too, so that's no fun.
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