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Hey guys,

It's been almost 4 years since our last dyno day. A lot has changed since then and we now house 2 dynamometers... a DynoJet 224xLC for 2wd applications and a Mainline AWD Dyno for AWD applications.

I wanted to personally extend the welcome to everyone about our upcoming event. This will be the last event held at our current facility since we are in the early phases of building our new 7,000+sq-ft facility to better serve our clients. Even if you don't run, come hang out and spend the day with us while we run both of our dyno's all day long. We work with a lot of domestic vehicles as well so please do not be offended by all of the imports in our flyer, lol.

2wd applications - $50 -3 consecutive runs with wb02
awd applications - $75 - 3 consecutive runs with wb02
We will even throw in free pressure datalogs on either dyno for set-ups that have easy access locations.
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