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Hi, I have a 2004 RSX base 5 speed, and I ran the OBDII codes yesterday to find code P1078 stored. A bit of research online is telling me that this is related to the variable length intake runners, however the fixes/causes I've seen range from the solenoid/sensor/valve being broken to a vacuum leak or a wiring issue.
The car itself seems to be running fine; every other issue I've noticed is unrelated. There's a check engine light code for the EVAP canister purge valve all the way at the other end of the car, and what I assume is a valve out of adjustment is ticking slightly that I'm meaning to get to, but nothing related to the intake has given me any issue thus far.
Just wondering if anyone here has seen this issue before and could share the troubleshooting steps they went through, or if anyone has any ideas as to common causes for this code. If it helps, I don't have code P0661, so I'm leaning towards it not being the wiring although I still need to check the voltages before I can rule that out.
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