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Chin and rear spoilers only?

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Has anyone seen an RSX with rear spoiler, chin spoiler but no side or rear underbody spoilers? I love the rear and chin spiolers but find the complete body package a little overbearing (personal taste). I'm just wondering if it would look odd with a low chin but normal sides and rear bumper.

Any thoughts?
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The front spoiler looks good by itself when it's like a racing splitter, but if it's the normal "body kit" kind than it'll look better with the sides. The rear bumper always looks better stock, IMO.

Here is HighRev's rsx with the front chin spoiler and 01' JDM wing... IMO it looks really good like that.

Also in this currents month wallpaper the artic blue RSX has the front and sides underbody kit, but no rear kit... It also has the decklid spoiler... Another good looking combo..

But then i dont think the whole kit looks bad either ;) :D
Looking from the side, I think that the side skirts help alot with making the car look lower. It also helps with the transition from the rear bumper to the front.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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