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Hey whats going on Crsx?Im sellling the Chirping birds sb dunks...deadstock...asking $225 firm..they run for about $300 so im letting you guys eat ..this price will only last for a couple days def let me located in Jersey but Ny buyers i will meet up. just let me know your size.. 908 .875 .6514 Jordan. l

little bit of back round on the shoe
The shoe originally known as the "Chirping Bird" is a Quickstrike from Nike SB. The shoe itself is based on the character Larry Perkins who enjoyed making prank phone calls on behalf of Big Brother magazine. The chirping noise from the origianl sample has since been replaced with a telephone ring for the prank phone calls that were made. The shoe is primarily comprised of a black denim upper, red sole, patent leather swoosh, and battery powered button to create the phone ringing sound.

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