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1st day when i got it
its slammed with cut springs :thumbsdow:idgaf:
and the first thing i did it changed the springs

Progress Pictures

Hows its sitting right now

Engine Bay
k20a3 stock internals
custom air intake
custom exhaust
obx race header
ktuner - tuned by Jason SU (suja1)
prc intake manifold (type r)
k20a2 throttle body
hondata IMG
Mugen strut bar

skunk2 lowering springs
spc rear camber kit
front camber bolt
Mb battles rims

nrg steering wheel
nrg quick release hub
mugen shiftknob
nextbook modified as headunit

JDM foglights
Front lip
retrofitted headlight
type r wing
hood bra
window visor

i might be forgetting more ill update it when i remember

im not done yet i have more plans for my car
i will update you guys

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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