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Hey people i got a lot of stuff to get out of my garage. Im open to any offers. I just want to get it out of here and not throw it away.

Parts are:
K24a4 head (perfect shape, just the head, valves and springs)
2 differential's (one with speed gear one without)
2 6 speed pressure plates and 1 disk
K20a3 water pump housing
k20 water neck
PRB intake manifold
axle cover
16 red valve springs and retainers
k20a3 oil pump with baffles
k20a3 crank (perfect shape)
k20a3 aftermarket header
k20a3 rods and pistons
2 k20a3 knock sensors
oil pressure sensor
coolant sensor
RSX fuel pump
Upper radiator hose
aftermarket EP3 idler pulley
exhaust cam gear
timing tensioner cover
04 k20a2 vavle springs and retainers

And in those 2 pics is a damaged k20a3 head has one broken valve guide without any valve seat damage, as shown in the pics

Make offers please.
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