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Clean title ep3 up for sale or trade $12,000

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I've owned this car for over 4 years, about to be 5. Owned it when it had the stock motor. The deal was recently done about 8 months ago and has not given me an issue since. The swap was done by me and and 2 of my buddies, therefore I know what has been done to the car inside and out.

Keep in mind, this is my daily so the mileage will go up. I hate to get rid of her, but it's time to move on.

I'm looking to sell for $12,000, price is somewhat negotiable. I'll even consider some trades. LOCAL ONLY!

Possibly an s2000, 05 06 rsx type S + cash, etc.

These are the mods that have been done, I might've forgotten to list a few things.

Also, I have her tuned on E85, but i have a flex Fuel installed so she can run 93 as well for emergencies.

243whp 190tq
Royal Purple HPS oil change every 3k miles

K24a2 87k
DC5 type R transmission less than 65k
Clutch Masters 725 Twin disk clutch
Hybrid Racing Timing chain tensioner
Rsx type S oil pump
OBX Oil Pan 6.5 quarts
Mishimoto Radiator
Mishimoto Fans
K-tuned upper coolant housing
K-tuned Dip Stick
K-tuned headers
K-tuned oval exhaust
K-tuned cat back
K-tuned fuel rail
GM Flex Fuel sensor
1000cc Gram light injectors
Injen intake
PRC intake manifold -
Torque solution mounts for passenger and driver side
Energy suspension inserts for front and rear mount.
K-tuned fuel pressure regulator
Custom fuel lines
K-tuned TPS
KARCEPTS IACV delete (I put the stock one back on)
KARCEPTS AC delete kit
Denso iridium spark plugs
Purple Marble powder coated valve cover
Skunk 2 low profile valve cover washers

D2 Circuit Series Coilovers. Less than 5k miles
Truhart camber arms
Rsx base 5 lug conversion for the front
Rsx type S rear 5 lug conversion
Energy suspension bushings for front control arms
Energy suspension front sway bar bushings
Energy suspension rear control arm bushings
Energy suspension rear sway bar bushings
Hard race lower ball joints
Stainless steel brake lines

(2)Takata 4 point harness
Sparco steering wheel
NRG hub
NRG quick release
Neouspeed short shifter

Seibon Mugen hood
Rear HFP lip (discontinued)
OEM U.K. Front bumper
Type r side skirts
Front fender flares
Extended ARP lug studs
Muteki lug nuts
Battery relocation kit
Fuse box relocation


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I meant to say SWAP not deal lol
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