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Cleaning inside of headlight lenses? (waterspots)

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Sup peeps,

Well awhile ago i installed JDM yellow Luminics bulbs in my car and did it on a rainy day cuz i was too excited but in my garage of course. No water got inside directly but i guess the the humid air was sealed inside and it started showing up as condensation on the inside of the lens after the weather cleared up. I managed to get the condensation dryed out BUT now i have a lot of these water spots on the inside of my headlight lenses. I already had DIY blackouts before i got the bulbs in, so i do know how to remove the lens. I was wondering if there is a way to clean the inside of the lens without scratching it or leaving a residue on it. From the outside when you get close to my car it looks like a very very light foggy film on the inside lens. I need this info ASAP because my ProLumen 6000K HID kit (seperate thread for that later) is in the mail and i want to do everything at once.

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There gonna have to be heated up and taken apart again to clean the inside of the lens sorry to hear that man condesation is the shits I just had to take mine apart not to long ago to clean the lens.
what did you clean it with and how did it end up? i dont want swirlmarks to show up from inside the lens. I knew i was going to have to crack em open to clean them...thats why i want to do while i install the HID kit since the bumper and lights are already going to be off.

man i had the nicest set of DIY blackouts in town too...fuckk
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