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I recently installed a progress 22mm rear swaybar on my base 5-speed. I'm having an issue with clearance. The new rear sway bar is just lightly scrubbing the stock muffler. Looking underneath the car I've got to move the muffler further back half an inch or so to provide enough space for the new swaybar to move freely.
What would be the best cheapest solution to move the muffler a little back without having to go to a muffler shop.

Option I've considered is possibly hanging the muffler higher with a shorter mount. But this seems like a mediocre solution because I might end up melting my rear bumper.

Is there an adapter of some sort that could be used to add an 0.5" to the length of the inlet tube of the stock muffler?

P.S after a year of ownership and practically only spending money on tires and pads, this had to be the best $200 I've spent on this thing. Makes the car so lively and balanced in the corners; it drastically changed the cars handling. Would recomend being very familiar with the stock set up before making the transition. I can finally rotate the rear with ease. :) Or new muffler from an exhaust shop... recomend universal mufflers. Quite and lower revs and deep/raspy up top preferred.
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