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Clicking noise when the brake pedal engages.

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OK, First off I know what is causing it, if you look under the dash, the brakepedal rests on a little white button, and when you press the brake pedal, the white button becomes depressed, then when you let off the brake, it presses the button back down. Now obvioulsy this is the signal for the brake lights.

What is happening is when I push the pedal in from the right sde, (and this is common becasue your right foot is on the right side) The whit button sticks to the brake pedal, then once the brake pedal is pushed in far enough, it obviously has to stop sticking and it makes a tick noise, almost exactly like the blinker ticking, it is super annoying and I was wondering if anyone else had this issue and what you did to fix it.??
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