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***Clubrsx Hall of Fame*** To Honor The Best

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Clubrsx Hall of Fame​
Here we honor those who put their time, money, and effort into their rides and were voted to be the best of the best in their respective category for the month/year.

NOVEMBER 2007 [Favorite Car] DC5626

DECEMBER 2007 Car of the Year [Best White RSX] Outdated

JANUARY 2008 [Favorite Rim Whore] Danio

FEBRUARY 2008 [Clean Subtle Modded] Type S Syndrome

MARCH 2008 [Best Base RSX] DC5BO

APRIL 2008 [Best Arctic Blue Pearl RSX] Game

MAY 2008 [Best Non-RSX] MugenCL9

JUNE 2008 Car of The Year [Best Milano Red RSX] MR_K20

JULY 2008 [Best Vivid Blue Pearl RSX] Andyyrsx

AUGUST 2008 [Most JDM RSX] CC2

SEPTEMBER 2008 [Best Supercharged RSX] TypeDre

OCTOBER 2008 [Best Blaze Orange Metallic RSX] Sunkist

NOVEMBER 2008 [Best RSX Interior] Krisen Type-S

DECEMBER 2008 [Best Turbocharged RSX] Archull

JANUARY 2009 [Best Track Car] Strikerflo

FEBRUARY 2009 [Best Female Owned RSX] Aznchck14

MARCH 2009 [Best Satin Sliver Metallic RSX] aznsoccerstar11

APRIL 2009 [Best Daily Driven RSX] Dawrenn

MAY 2009 Car of The Year [Best Regional RSX] Ryder

JUNE 2009 [Best Nighthawk Black Pearl RSX] Coredump

JULY 2009 [Best Desert Silver Metallic RSX] Tie between Oucheese & SkyGTR

AUGUST 2009 [Best RSX Picture] PrototypeRacer

SEPTEMBER 2009 [Best Custom Painted RSX] iVTEC Type-S

OCTOBER 2009 [Best Magnesium Metallic RSX] ic0nz

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NOVEMBER 2009 [Best Hellaflush RSX] Ceewok

DECEMBER 2009 [Best All Wheel Drive Car] Aftershock141

JANUARY 2010 [Best K-Series Swap] k20tuned

FEBRUARY 2010 [Best Wheels and Brakes Combo] ivtec integ

MARCH 2010 [Best Right Hand Drive RSX] rhd-jon

April 2010 [Best Wire-Tucked RSX] rsxer63

May 2010 [Best 02-04 Converted to 05-06 RSX] Bakasam

June 2010 [Best Murdered Out Theme RSX] UniqDC5

July 2010 [Best Jade Green Metallic RSX ] Jaded05

AUGUST 2010 [BEST Integra DC2] Circuit Hero

SEPTEMBER 2010 [Best 02-04 RSX] mudo rsx

October 2010 [Best Honda S2000] xplizitremix

November 2010 [Best RSX Engine Bay] notanevo

December 2010 [Best Wish Listed RSX] dabert07

January 2011 [Best RSX In A Rigged Shot] BULLET_RSX

February 2011 [Best FPR/RR RSX] Dsea5

March 2011 [Best International DC5] chargeR

April 2011 [Best Comeback] Luna

May 2011 [Fan Favorite] Junior1087

June 2011 [Best RSX owned by someone under 21] Dy-Lan

July 2011 [Best Military Owned] Yan

August 2011 [Best "Stanced" RSX] TEASPOONGUY

September 2011 [Best All Motor RSX] Coredump
*second cotm win*

October 2011 [Best SSM/ASM RSX] Type-Spaz

November 2011 [Best 150,000 Mile RSX] boostedrsxtypes

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December 2011 [Best Custom Color RSX] RiCH_BOY88

January 2012 [Best Mis-match body] bottlefed20

February 2012 [Best Base Auto] JByron

March 2012 [Best White RSX] Avinad

April 2012 [Best Black RSX] na_rsx

May 2012 [Best RSX With A Model] filipinoguy05

June 2012 [Best Hype R] rjsdxm

July 2012 [Best Widebody RSX] Fedexed

August 2012 [Best non RSX] DC5Hanz

September 2012 [Best RSX Interior] Ryder

October 2012 [Clean RSX] sk8erjt98

November 2012 [Best Turbo Daily Driver RSX] htownxjoey

December 2012 [Best DSM RSX] cauQazn

January 2013 [Best Manual Base RSX] luvmy_rsx

February 2013 [Best EP3 Build] Guardian

March 2013 [Best Legit Wheels] King Kumo

April 2013 [Best BOM] blaze type s

January 2015 [RSX of the Year 2014] DC5_KR

February 2015 [The Best Swap] monjarassi

Congrats and welcome to the hall of fame to our newest winner koss1229

March 2015 [BEST DAILY DC5] koss1229

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AzianK makes the best thread ever, i want to have his babies
i will continue to add to this as best i can or andy will do so, lets see more of you guys in here :thumbsup:
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