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Looking for some advice guy's here in the UK :wavey:

This weekend my JRSC get's fitted to my JDM DC5 :)

With this power increase I'm worried the OEM clutch wont last too long, also have the opportunity to fit a new clutch in a couple of weeks time :D , as my car is having the gear box Sychro's replaced under warranty by my friendly Honda Dealer :thumbsup:

So upgrading the clutch won't cost me mega money in labour !!

So what clutch should I go for to handle the power increase (550cc injectors and 7psi) :confused: Will the Exedy Organic (Stage 1) handle the power ?? or is it best to go for Excedy Ceramettalic (Stage 2) ?? However, I still what the car to be drivable with the odd trackday now and again :driving:

Cheers Guy's

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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