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Cobalt SS ~ new supercharger ~ fitment on RSX

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subject basically says it... i've seen the pics of the comptech ss, and it looks "loosely" similar in size comparison to the Eaton on the CobaltSS. anybody heard of getting one on an RSX. the 06 Cobalt i think is shooting 15psi, which is more than overkill for an unbuilt motor... i've thought about getting a job soon at a chevy dealership which would get the employee discount, and i'm thinking WAY long term if this would even be conceivable....
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it's the same M62 blower. what's yer point? it ain't gonna fit on the rsx unless you fab a new housing. and a manifold. if u looked at the cobalt supercharger and compared it with a JRSC or a CTSC, u'd see that the housing is nowhere close to fitting into the RSX.
sonny is teh back :p
that belt tensioner design.. mannnn
why? u want one of these on yer car?
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i believe those are the inlet and outlet nipples on the right side of the manifold.
that thing looks impossible to service heheh
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