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Cobalt SS ~ new supercharger ~ fitment on RSX

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subject basically says it... i've seen the pics of the comptech ss, and it looks "loosely" similar in size comparison to the Eaton on the CobaltSS. anybody heard of getting one on an RSX. the 06 Cobalt i think is shooting 15psi, which is more than overkill for an unbuilt motor... i've thought about getting a job soon at a chevy dealership which would get the employee discount, and i'm thinking WAY long term if this would even be conceivable....
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Bro, don't let these dudes get you down. ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. I had the same I idea and almost made it come to fruition, but sadly , I got arrested and my baby (2005 civic with k24 swap) got left unlocked on the side of the road and was stolen. By the time I got out it had been impounded for months and I couldn't afford to get it out.
But when I did have it I worked on that car everyday. I was also at the junkyard everyday and one thing I came across was that cobalt SS supercharger. I got it for 100 bucks and took it to the garage and started working it out. I have never had a lot of mo ey so everything I've done has been on a budget.
Well what it came down too was simply fabricating an adapter for the intake manifold. The intake manifold that comes on the cobalt SS was a perfect fit. The pulleys lined up beautifully. All I needed to do was make an adapter plate and then I would be able to bolt that bitch right up!
I started with a piece of aluminum that I got at a scrap yard and with the tools I had , it was proving to be difficult, so I moved on to the next best thing, a fucking thick, plastic cutting board! I'm sure these mother fuckers are going to talk all kinds of shit, but I had that cobalt SS manifold and supercharger BOLTED to my k24! Shortly after that success, my baby was taken from me ...
Just remember that just like they told us when we were kids, anything is possible my friend. Take it from an old junk yard dog like me.

And fuck the haters.
I've left many haters in my rearview.
Dream on.

You’re a little late… by about 17 years
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