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Cobalt SS ~ new supercharger ~ fitment on RSX

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subject basically says it... i've seen the pics of the comptech ss, and it looks "loosely" similar in size comparison to the Eaton on the CobaltSS. anybody heard of getting one on an RSX. the 06 Cobalt i think is shooting 15psi, which is more than overkill for an unbuilt motor... i've thought about getting a job soon at a chevy dealership which would get the employee discount, and i'm thinking WAY long term if this would even be conceivable....
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meaning i'm newbish or i sound like i actually know something... i'll be the first to admit when it comes to an import i know jack s#%!. i've modded a good bit on the firebird but claim to be no expert. i don't know much at all.. that's why i'm here to gain experience and knowledge from people who already made mistakes and asked questions... hope i don't get too much hate...

thanks for answering just the same...
i stand corrected on the psi... 12 is correct.. for some reason i thought i'd read the new ones had 15.

yeah, i was referring to the blower, but in retrospect who sells just a housing?
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