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Cobalt SS ~ new supercharger ~ fitment on RSX

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subject basically says it... i've seen the pics of the comptech ss, and it looks "loosely" similar in size comparison to the Eaton on the CobaltSS. anybody heard of getting one on an RSX. the 06 Cobalt i think is shooting 15psi, which is more than overkill for an unbuilt motor... i've thought about getting a job soon at a chevy dealership which would get the employee discount, and i'm thinking WAY long term if this would even be conceivable....
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coolguy said:
Does the cobalt sc have the new cooling tubes used in the s/c caddy's to cool the charge?

I posted a long time ago, the cooling tubes are made in sweden and seem like a pretty nice way to cool a s/c 's charge rather than using a standard core which seems to seriously impede air flow
Yes, the Cobalt SS has the Laminova intercooler tubes built into the manifold.

The SC might work, but the inlet of it is very different than the RSX.

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krystar said:
i believe those are the inlet and outlet nipples on the right side of the manifold.
That is correct. It is incorporated into the intake manifold.
compdoc777 said:
Looks like one big molded piece instead of like ours which comes all apart.

LOL, if you think that is moulded, check out the J-body 2.4 Twin cam supercharger from GM Performance. It includes the entire intake manifold:

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640k said:
TWIN CAM!!!??? wow!
Yah, the 2.4 Twin cam that replaced the Quad 4. Used to stomp all over Civics in the 90's.
compdoc777 said:
That's what I am talking about; Damn! Need to find out who made that! Looks like something out of Aliens.

Does it have a cooler built in? :driving:
No cooler built in and it is only an M45.

Magnusson made it.
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