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Jrsx said:
Sonny! Nice to see you back

I saw a add in the paper last night for the cobalt and had to laugh
Its headline was sincere apologies to Acura and Toyota. Comparing HP and stuff on the base models.

I really think there doing something wrong...

Cobalt SS with 12psi 205HP
RSX S stock with 200 HP
RSX S with 12psi like 310 WHP

I like GM because there trucks are awesome, but I think they need to step there cars up a little.
rsxc with turbo = 409whp + @ 12 psi

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JKay said:
Look at the contact on the blower pulley though!!!! I want that! No more slipping.
Hell ya, that's one nicely designed tensioner/pulley setup. And that low revving slug doesn't even need one that nice :laughing:

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mikestypes said:
LOL, if you think that is moulded, check out the J-body 2.4 Twin cam supercharger from GM Performance. It includes the entire intake manifold:

That's what I am talking about; Damn! Need to find out who made that! Looks like something out of Aliens.

Does it have a cooler built in? :driving:
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