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coilover install problem, one side sits higher than the other??

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Hi guys,

I just recently got my Ohlins PCV coilovers installed in my car (Australian DC5R). I made sure all the pre-measurements on the coilover were consistent and measured correctly before putting them on. However the rear left of my car sits about 1 finger gap higher than the right rear. Is there a problem I should be concerned with, or should I wait for it to settle and get it corner balanced/aligned. Any suggestions/opinions will be much appreciated!
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akarso said:
Since you're planning on taking your car to get corner balanced, i wouldn't worry about it. If the race shop you take it to is a competent one then they'll ask you questions like what height you want, what type or racing you'll be doing etc, and they'll adjust everything for you. When they're done with the car it should be perfect all around.

Thats what i did when i lowered my car and it's perfectly dropped all around. (I have zeal function Xs)
He already got it corner weighted...
robbclark1 said:
He already got it corner weighted...

whoops :D skimmed past that post..
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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