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Dyno Video 203 WHP 157 Torque

Mod List

Injen CAI
OBX Race Header
APEXI GT Spec Exhaust EXHAUST VIDEO ......Exhaust video # 2
Reflash ECU
DIY mini tuck
Motor inserts
DC5r Valve cover
K-tuned fuel rail
K-tuned Coil cover
K-Tuned Battery tie down
DIY Custom painted valve cover

BC Racing BR type coilovers Raceland coils
Progress sway bar
Legit Mugen Front Strut bar
Legit Mugen Rear Strut bar

Aspec front and rear
Aspec Badge
Legit Mugen Front
Rep Mugen Rear
Tint 20%
Black Stocks
ClubRSX Frame
Window Visors

Momo shift knob
Red sticked boot
Black headliner
Black Visors
Black A pillar
Custom LED lit Door Sills DIY Here

Audio/ Security:
Viper Smart Start
Sony Xplode Unit
15 in TREO sub
1000 watt Planet Audio

Current Numbers​

Dyno sheet by Coltzxli, on Flickr
Current Setup​
Edit 1-2 by Coltzxli, on Flickr
_MG_2761 by Coltzxli, on Flickr
2014-04-19 19.55.33 by Coltzxli, on Flickr
2014-04-19 19.55.55 by Coltzxli, on Flickr

Older Wingless Setup​

_MG_1950 by Coltzxli, on Flickr

Edit 4 by Coltzxli, on Flickr

_MG_2286 by Coltzxli, on Flickr
_MG_1559 by Coltzxli, on Flickr[/IMG]
_MG_1579 by Coltzxli, on Flickr[/IMG]

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looks better with the 05-06 wheels

glad you got rid of the Si wheel :vomit:

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um....2005-2006 Headlights and taillights come like that...nobody blacked out the headlights or did red out on the taillights. Thats only for 2002-2004....ANYWAYZ looks great so far but DEFF. needs a drop.

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wow paid off your car in 10 months? impressive

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nhbp checkinn in, doesnt look bad, get rid of that visor and drop it. and whats that sticker on the rims say? :confused:
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