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Comptech icebox Help!!

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alright so i bought a used ct icebox and attempted to install it today.

Everything was going great until I realized I am missing a page of the instructions and the bracket to connect the lower tubing to the car itself. I also didnt add any of the rubber bushings on the ct box that were originally from the stock box b/c I didn't have any directions on how to install, just the ones on how to remove the stock box! if anybody can help me out or post up some detailed pics of the lower tubing and the bolts that connect the box itself to the car, that'd be great!!! Thanx in advance! I appreciate it!
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beat me to it.:rotfl:
you guys are great!! i've never been to kseries
This is a little bit off topic but where did you get your comptech icebox I'm having a hell of a time finding one for sale since they discontinued them.
found it used off the classifieds...
Nice when did you pick it up? I always scan the classifieds for them but never find them I know theres a dude on the classifieds sellin one right now.
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