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Comptech piping w/ WS2 Muffler?

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Right now i have Comptech piping with a universal can muffler welded on the end. I bought the car like that so dont ask. I'm thinking the original comptech muffler got damaged or something, anyways comptech piping is 63mm and i want to put a quiet WS2 muffler on it which is 60mm. I know it is tnot that much of a dowsize but would it hurt my performance any? Or should i buy the comptech muffler which is quiet also and the exact same size piping?
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anyone? i have also heard from a couple people with RH's that they blew apart their WS2? is this true?
Will the WS2 hurt? Probably. Enough for you to know the difference? Probably not. But if the cost is about the same, go with the comptech. That's my opinion and I am sticking to it.

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