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Will give first priority to local PWN'ers but will ship at buyers expense

DC Race header (Type S) ceramic- No cracks/flex pipe in good condition/ a lil dirty but headers aren't for aesthetics anways :mbiggrin:$250

T1R stanless steel midpipe (Type S)- Being honest here, this thing is beat and dented but with no holes, so i'm pretty much giving it away for $80. Its a 2.5 inch pipe, and with the dent its probably still just as efficient as a 2.25".
*NOTE* To the best of my knowledge i'm the only one who has run this setup on an ep3 to date, and with CAI/dc race/T1R IPUT DOWN 168 WHP A RECORD AT THE TIME. I don't have the dyno anymore becasue wetoddid racing no longer host it, but if you search the forum you can bring up the thread on ephatch.Just to give you and idea my friend with an rsx base dyno'ed the same day with CAI/Comptech 2.5 inch comptech exhaust and only came up with 147.THIS COMBO IS A MONSTER. ( i've been inactive on the forums for a while so i don't know if someone has recently surpassed)

Comptech 22mm sway and tie bar RED!!!! $400
Before you flame me for the high price realize that this product is discontinued and ultra rare. It has scratches from bottoming out but are not visible unless the car is jacked up. comes with all hardware

Ebay strut bar $15 or trade for black plastic strut covers
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