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Condensation in exhaust pipe

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Last week I did a compression test: result: 80, 90, 175, 150
After running the car in reverse for 15 minutes without a coolant (need to re-park)...
The next day, I realize I run the car (RSX type-S 05) without a coolant...
So I put every parts back in the car and then look at the exhaust pip and noticed a condensation in it (similar to the stuff you see in an AC unit..)

Feeling afraid of damage cylinder head, or piston, or engine block; I did a compression test again: result: 80, 90, 170, 150.. very similar test result like the previous week..

BUT why is there a condensation in the exhaust pipe??
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i dont understand ur question. condensation is normal in your exhaust it happens when ur exhaust goes from hot to cold. i would be worried about ur compressin test. Those numbers are horriable. Did you do a leak down test?
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