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Condensation in headlights

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At first my stock headlights had no condensation but wanted the black out look so I went and bought the DEPOs. Depos started fogging up but when stored in my garage the condensation subsides. Didn't like the way the bowls light up my HID's so I went and bought another set of stock headlights and painted those. Those fogged up like crazy maybe due to the sealant not properly sealed. Got tired of it and just switched to my stock chrome headlights since i know for sure i wont be getting any of the foggy look. Just today was driving through a light mist and got home to find condensation!!! What am I missing here? My theory is maybe installing the headlights on a cold day will trap the coldness in the headlights. There has to be a cure! this never happened to my stock headlights. Always trustworthy of not fogging up until now...

any thoughts?
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yeah i have fender lining and maybe the rubber caps aren't sealed right. I did put tape over it since the HID's have these two little holes for extra wires to pass through.
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