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1st dyno results

2nd Dyno results:

Notes and issues:

1. Oil suction thru the charger. catch can necessary or dump line to the ground.
2. 3.2" pulley with Z1 Crank Pulley
3. Exhaust... : Comptech Short header with nearly 3"collector, guttend OEM Cat pipe, Catback Skunk2 3" Turbo exhaust kit and modified with a Dynomax super turbo muffler to lower sound levels.
4. Custom 5x3x2 MercRacing Aftercooler
Added auxiliary fan to keep the water cool and push heat away from aftercooler radiator.
5. Fuel upgrades: Walbro intank 255lph Fuel pump and Bosh 1000cc injectors. everything else fuel related is stock.
6. Manifold was tapped on the driverside intake runner and a GM sensor installed for measuring temps at the intake port.


Here is the process on how I converted from Jackson Racing Supercharger to Lysholm Twin screw. Not an instruction manual but just some of what was built to make it happen.... Still in progress.

How the charger was made to fit and allow stock hood latch.

The difference between chargers

videos of first start up


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Well not so much to turn. Or the parasitic loss cause efficently they are better. The key would be to make them flow at their max efficiency. Their efficent up to 20 psi or so on the k-series...."Underdriving" it would make it similar to the M62...Think High boost...

Since they are internal compression compared to the roots which is a "fan" It inherently are cooler than the roots setup.
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