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This information is intended for an installation using a Compustar CM7200 Remote Start module (With Blade-AL security bypass), with the Alarm Kit (DAS) add-on. This information should be identical or very close for other modern Compustar modules. You can reference the materials that have come with yours, to double check... However the hard to find info, is all here for you (Car wire colors and locations)

I spent about 10 hours figuring out how to correctly install a MT safe Compustar Remote Start on my Type-S. Most of this time was spent researching the correct way to wire the module. (Correct pinouts and Wire colors) Hopefully this will be helpful to others and save you a bunch of time.

I say this is the safe way to wire the vehicle for remote start, because it is. The clutch switch will only be bypassed temporarily on remote start with a relay, otherwise functionality remains intact. The wiring will work for the 02 and 03 Type-S, I believe however one wire color is switched for the immobilizer on the 04-06 models. You can find the correct wire color for these years with the Blade-AL wiring module instructions. =]

Info on how to install the Starter relay is included in the CM7200 documentation, with a short summary in my table as well. Clutch relay wiring is also in my table.

You will need an ADS-USB Cable to program the Blade module and Remote Start module. This cable goes from pc to Remote start module. This can be flashed outside the vehicle before any wiring is done, so you are ready to go after it is installed i nthe vehicle.


I'm not going to include any other instructions, as if you are going to be attempting this yourself, you should have a decent idea of what you are going to be doing. The important thing, is knowing where to connect all the wires.

I accept no responsibility for any damage that may occur to your vehicle. This information has been posted as an aid to others, and it is the vehicle owners responsibility to double check all wiring and make sure it is correct.

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