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I am back lol. Because photobucket ruined the thread I'll try to bring it back to life. :fyea:

My journey: Type S 04 bought the car with only one purpose work and school. But, my plans changed a bit!! And here is my pride and joy, and more to come. Simple enough in my humble opinion. Update: To be honest I had no intentions to do changes to the car, school and work leave me not time and money to do anything. Add them bills and money literally disappears of my hands. Finally after a pretty long time and some research. I decided to pull the trigger, started doing the respective changes to the car, not before coming across Spaz and Anointed DC5s. Great builds by the way, and my build started!


OEM A-Spec Wing
OEM A-Spec Lip Kit

Wheels/Suspension/ Tires
SSR GTV02 17x8 New Setup
Enkei PF01 17x7.5 (No longer in car)
Enkeis TS0 17x9 (No Longer in car)
Hankook ventus V12 Evo2 235/45/R17
Firestone FIREHAWK WIDE OVAL INDY 500 245/40/17
Lugnuts (nickel plated)
A-Spec Suspension
BuddyClub RSD Coilovers
DC5 Type R Axles
SPC front and rear camber kit
Ingalls Front Endlinks
HardRace Rear Endlinks
Progress Rear Sway bar 22mm
Progress From Sway Bar 27mm ( Out of car do to clearance)
DC5 Type R Sway Bar (Current)
HardRace Rear Lower Control Arm
Centric Front Rotors
DC5 Type R Front rotor
DC5 Type R Rear rotos
Buddy Club Ball Joints
StopTech Brake lines Front/Rear
New OEM Tied Rod
New Axles Boots
DC5 Type R Front Lower Control Arms
DC5 Trailing arms
DC5 Type R Hub
DC5 Type R knuckle
New Power Stop Z26 Front Pads.
New Bolts Flange, Nuts
DC5 Type R Brembos Brakes
DC5 Type R Rear Calipers

OEM A-Spec Shift Knob
ITR Recaro Seats

RBC Manifold
Hondata Manifold Gasket
Karcepts RBC Adapter
K-Tuned Race Header
Invidia Q300 Exhaust System
New OEM Injectors
Injen Cold Air Intake
Hondata K-Pro V4
Vibra-Technics Motor Mounts

20170613_193241 by Jose M, on Flickr

4385V2 by Jose M, on Flickr

The beginning all stock.
20131018_180423-2 by Jose M, on Flickr

After a year I believe of owning the REX!
20141111_132748 by Jose M, on Flickr

PF01 Wheel where added
20140803_184859-2 by Jose M, on Flickr

20141026_171652 by Jose M, on Flickr

2017+ After all the money spent :hi:

Interior: A-Spec Knob, Recaro Seats.

Newrsx23 by Jose M, on Flickr

IMG_4565 (2) by Jose M, on Flickr

Wheels SSR GTV02.

DSC03950 by Jose M, on Flickr

Moving forwards this is the how he stand.

20170613_193303_LI by Jose M, on Flickr

RSX 2018 by Jose M, on Flickr

v2 by Jose Hernandez, on Flickr

20170613_193241 by Jose Hernandez, on Flickr

RSXNoon by Jose M, on Flickr

Thanks to those assholes from Photobucket :firemad:. I hope you guys like it and enjoy the content! :fistbump:

RSX New Edition by Jose M, on Flickr

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black housing depos will enhance that silver paint

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Okay to the parts collection, first in mind RH/I/E. In this case after a long search I decided to go with Invidia header great sound not RICE! K-Tuned and Injen! humm humm humm

K-Tuned came in! ;)

Injen too :dontknow:

Next In mind a good set of mounts, my OEM were done so it was time to "UPGRADE" I Went ahead did a long search on mounts, came across Hasport mounst. Base on reviews and all I could not find specific details about the product, so I decided to give them a try. Worse decision, could not stand the amount of vibration after four weeks, plus things were a pain in the ass to install! Took them out

Took them out

So what I end up getting? Well something more classy. :vtec:

Nothing to compare, design and quality is just out of hands

Only hour and a half to install, fit right on!:thumbsup:

Next: The most important component, K-Pro V4 :giggity:

RBC and Karcepts RBC Adapter
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