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Good evening everyone…
I’m looking to work on my 2004 Acura rsx base and I don’t want to turn it into a track car but I do want it to have a little more speed…they say I can do that by adding a better cold air intake and also moving it from where it’s at…I want to create more of a semi show car…this will be my everyday drive car…I need to knw wht are some good company for parts and have decent price range…
Here is a list of somethings I need to get done in the car…
-Guess you can say the Suspension (Front and back lower arm control n sway bar)
-I would like to sound proof the car to the point where you can’t hear me come in the area until I open my doors… etc

Anybody in the Atlanta area that can help me with my project I’m all ears to help me get my car where I would like it…
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