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Hey guys I have checked other threads and narrowed my problem down to the "Cruise Control Module" or "Cruise Control Unit. The cruise control works fine for 10mins or less then kicks off, and wont work until I reset it, then it works for 20 seconds to 5mins.

Here is where I am at with it and I am slightly confused.

I went ahead and bought the cruise control module thinking it would be fairly easy to replace since everyone refers to it being under the dash by the drivers side kick panel. (I thought the cable actuator assembly just popped off and i could replace the electronic box or something) It turns out the "Cruise control Unit" is the one under the dash and its a small box with auto cruise labeled on it.The cruise control module s this beastly box with a throttle type of cable attached to it. (This is my impression correct me if I am wrong) So now that I have the wrong part and its non returnable I figured I would replace it if its easy. Can any one tell me where this thing goes? Also does it make sense diagnostically to start with the simple cruise control unit and then if that doesn't fix it replace the module.


Cruise Control UNIT

Cruise Control Module
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