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Curious about how Projector Headlights would look

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Hi, I'm new here and I just got an 04' RSX-S yesterday. I'm also new when it comes to cars and such...but I really want to learn much more about them. My car is completely stock but I am trying to put in Halo LED Angel High Projector Headlights in my car, with some help of course. However,
I have a dilemma, and that is whether I should get black housing or regular housing. I want to know if the black housing would look good on silver and if anyone has that setup. [Please post some close-up pics, just so I could see how it looks, before I make my decision in getting them]
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they look nice. pictures can be found by doing a search i'm sure. quite a few people have done them around the boards here.
eh get a retro fit.

to answer your question

they wud look gay
Pardon for being noob....but what are retrofits? I used search and saw a bunch of different headlights on the rsx-s but I still don't know what retrofit is. Is that a type of projector headlight or is that a term for different car headlights installed on the please?
retrofits are basically TL projector low beams in place of the stock rsx low beams
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