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page 3 update: OptionJDM BBQ meet 2010 and random meet with limarsx, ng2, abtz, lopez, shogun, creme, soldc5
page 15-18 update. track pics and new interior
page 19 update: 2012 Toronto IMPORTFEST pics
page 20 update: track pics
page 21 update: pics of my old winter beater (altima coupe) and newest beater (audi rs4)
page 22-23 update: new shoes, TE37SL black edition and MEGASPEED car show

mods: show > go :shady:

- MAX Racing front bumper
- Mugen hood
- js racing hoodpins
- js racing side skirts
- js racing wide fenders
- voltex type 2 wing
- mugen rear lip

- Bride gias low max full bucket
- cusco b pillar side bar
- js harness bar
- NRG harness bar
- takata green harness
- DEFI oil temp and oil psi gauges in vents
- custom made c pillar bar
- mugen mid bar
- cusco rear strut bar,

go: built k20a -- bored out k20a to 2.2L with mugen rr internals, rockers, pistons, and cams. skunk2 valve train and oil pan. 1.5 OS giken clutch type LSD and OEM 5.06 final drive, skunk 2 pro-series intake manifold and 74mm throttle body with k-tuned TPS, and earls engine oil cooler, mishimoto rad. hytech header and exhaust, injen CAI
- built by Kensai Racing; tuned by turtle at 240whp and 162 wtq.

suspension: Tein N1 coilovers, hotchkis competition front and rear sway bars with endlinks, cusco rear strut bar, js racing front strut bar, DC5R front control arms.

brakes: front are stock with hawk ht-10 pads and rear are jdm dc5r.

my buddyclub exhaust, previously owned by limarsx --

FROM A-Spec SSM with stock interior -

TO Mugen Crystal Alpine White Pearl with JDM red interior



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Need bigger pics.

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Meet with limarsx, CJ_Man, lopez, abtz.

and again

limarsx..... squirting again haha -- sorry john :p

some rooftop pics. limarsx, the director for lining is up for these pics


to end the night, special thx for cj_man for these group shot

and lopez for your bear. also limarsx for directing most of the shots. great meet!
im sorry for the pics, if they didnt turn out. still learning how to use the dslr :)

dayshoot... finally. Rouge Park/Trail (sheppard and meadowvale)

CJ_Man, myself, Limarsx, fcukjohnrsx

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