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Customize BlackOut N Angel Eyes

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after many months of seeing my headlight getting more dull and duller, i decided to take the damn thing out during the weekend. my first thought was that maybe the inside was dirty so i bake the damn headlights and took it apart, while at it i did my blackout (1st timer). i notice it wasnt the inside that was dirty but actually the outside was, so i try the DYI Headlight Clear from one of the member here who posted. it was great everything went smoothly, took about 2 hours for the headlights. i had some red angel ring laying around so i did some research on this forum and saw some guy did it with one of the foglight that he bought and break out to use the angel ring. my rings was just off ebay, its for the bmw 3 series car, i got it free from a friend. it took me about 3 days to complete everything, i took my sweet time and making sure that the paint was complete dry. and here is how everything came out, sorry for the crappy resolution on the pictures, im not every good at using the camera. any thoughts or opinion would be great.

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did a good job cleaning up the lights and with the blackout and everything else. the halos look great too :thumbsup:

the only thing i'd be worried about it cops watching out for you. they might get you for impersonating a police officer but idk. i know i've read that there's not supposed to be any red in the front half of the car but i'm not sure of it

looks great though...really looks mean
ive always wanted to do the rings on my car.. how did you wire them up and which exact rings did you use? i wanna do a blueish-white ring with a switch so i can turn them on and off as i please :)
i wired the rings to my corner light, which are the white lense one, so that it will be on when i turn on all the instrumental light and foglight. sorry but im not sure about the rings or what kind is it got them for free off a friend, all i know is that its off ebay and its the replacement of the bmw 3 series model (2000-2006), i believe, its not the brand new 3 series.
also how did you mount them in the housing? and were the rings flexible? thanks for your help
i use super glue to hold the ring in the housing, the ring was kinda flexable and it seem like a good fit in our housing, just got to push it in a little to make it stay and than glue them up, it stick really well with no mess showing. i didnt drill any hole on the housing like others cause i didnt think it was necessary.
yeah man, the halos are illegal so expect a fix-it ticket at the least.

otherwise, good job with everything... :thumbsup:
nice looks really good... +rep for you
u got hids in the fogs too right?
yeah got some kaixen 6500k for the headlight and some cheap 12000k for the foglight
You're going to get pulled over real quick with those. They look good just change the color.
shit looks like devil eyes
looks clean
after i get a warning for them than i will take them off, too much work to take off the bumper and bake the headlight to get the ring off, i will take my chance, hehe fk all the cops
yup cops will fuck u for having red on the front half of the car
Devil eyes

shit looks like devil eyes
looks clean
I would have to agree looks like Devil eyes , I would shit if i seen those coming up behind me at night ! Hope you can manage to keep them ,they look great.:thumbsup:
They look bad ass! Nice job, but why didn't you run a switch to activate them as you wished? That way you could just turn them off if you ever needed to.
like you can see on the last 3 picture, once the headlight hid is on, than you cant see the angel eye that clear, i dont mind getting a ticket for such a cool looking mod, probably gonna be like $50 that i can spare once. it probably gonna be a warning for the first time anyway which im welling to take. hehehe
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jeje, I wish I would do the same since it does look pretty bad ass!
haha well if you take them off caus of a ticket i will buy them off you . they look sick
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