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alluneedis1mlke said:
Actually looking at dyno charts on cybernation website stage one kit puts out only 215 whp on 7psi rev hard is exactly the same, I just seriously want to get the better kit (still leaning to cybernation), I dont mind the price but I also dont want to buy a cybernation kit if it puts out same 1/4 times and numbers on dyno as rev hard but for 1500 more.
All stage I kits for the type-s push out 280whp to 300whp. The kit is capable of pushing well over 400whp but with stock internals it is not recommended. We have never dyno'd a stage I type-s at 215whp unless there was something wrong with the car. Maybe you were looking at the torque numbers?
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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