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more pics on page 14



from meet yesterday

offficialllllll offciciallll picture trail thread from beginning to infinity

Here are some pic threads and meets as well as updates will go here.


The car went from



now its like this in paint

good shoot coming soon

Changes - paint, wire tuck(more to come) wheels, drop, headliner redone, carpets, new trunk setup coming, and booooost, allignment needs done as well

Florida Morning

My Dc5 and one of the cleanest Dc2's ever

JDM ups meet

My conversion and a sick s2k

Xmas day photoshoot


Engine and Bay:
Custom Gold Valve Cover
JDM Dipstick
Authentic Mugen spark plug cover
Authentic Mugen Front Strut Bar
Authentic Mugen Oil Cap
Authentic Mugen Radiator Cap
Authentic Mugen Intake
Authentic Mugen Socks
Buddy Club Race Header
RBC Intake Manifold
Hondata IMG
Fujitsubo RM01A
Braille 15 Lb. Carbon Fiber Battery with mount kit
Password JDM Hood dampers
Mugen Washers

02-04 to 05-06 complete conversion
Authentic Type R wing
Authentic Mugen Front Lip
Aspec Rear
FIrst Molding Diffuser
Aspec Sides
Mugen hood
Front and Rear Red Honda Badges
Rear Integra Badge
Retro Solutions Digital HID's
JDM Tail lights
JDM Window Visors

Wheels and Suspension and Brakes:
Rotora BBK Front
Rotora Rear Rotors
Function and Form Type 2
Buddy Club Lug Nuts
Volk re30 17x9.5 +15
Ingalls front and rear camber kits
Em2 front sway bar

Interior and Electronics:
S2000 Gauge Cluster from an AP1
Hondata Kpro
Pioneer Avic-D3
Custom Black A pillars
Bride fronts
Bride wrapped rear seats
Bride Floor mats
Bride door panels
Bride headliner
JDM Center console
JDM Ebrake
JDM Door sills
JDM shift boot
Mugen shift knob
Mugen Mirror Cover
1 Kicker Solo Baric 12 L7
1 Kicker 700.1 mono amp
Kicker components and tweeters

also soon to put in a brand new turbo.

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well mostly finished need to adjust one side up a lil but had a meet today so finished late last night and going to the shop tmrw.

big change added BCRH BC spec3 RBC intake manifold and CF hood as well as BC N+ coilovers as well as redouts and type r rear lip and mugen mirror cover

added some JDM visors and SSR Professor Sp1

then changed my emotions quickly also took off the hood

then jumped into a full front and rear conversion with mugen front and rear

Got my fogs and joined Team Sunworks


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From here things sorta went crazy avic d3, red recaros, jdm mats jdm door panels, s2000 cluster, changed back to 1 kicker solo baric L7, did some motor dress up, password jdm dampners, valve cover and spark plug cover, jdm dipstick, authentic mugen radiator and oil cap and JDM tails also front and rear honda emblems.

Lastly changed exhaust from BC spec 3 to Fujitsubo RM01a, sad to see it go :(


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hey, do you know if theres ANY way possible to wire the s2k cluster swap so that the numbers dont jump when you start to drive fast, i want to do the swap but i was wondering if there was anyway that i could get the numbers to go consecutively instead of jumping when i start to drive fast.
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